Playsam: Retail design / Master thesis


The goal of the master thesis is to develop a series of shop‐in‐shop retail design concepts together with a communication strategy for Playsam. In addition to the basic design acting as a general guideline for the retailer, there would be different concepts demonstrating the adaptability and flexibility of the design to different types of stores. These modifications in concepts must always comply with Playsam’s brand value, positioning etc. Moreover, these must provide a platform to maximize new retail experience for customers in order to enhance brand image, popularity and customer bonding.

Problem definition:
Playsam is entering new markets each year, thus different shop‐in‐shop retail design has to be developed and adapted to local culture and customer behavior keeping the true essence of the Playsam brand identity and Scandinavian spirit. As there are many other brands being sold alongside, like in the museum shop and the fact that the retailers already have a strong brand identity of their own, there may be style limitations intervening with the display of the products. Therefore, the main concern here is how to make Playsam products stand out under the criteria set by the retailer without losing the spirit of the brand.

Retail Design, Marketing Strategy, Promotion